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I created and run the ConductHotline service to allow event organizers to better respond to Code of Conduct issues.
PyCon US 2019

I gave a talk titled "Break the Cycle".

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PyCascades 2019

I served as the conference co-chair for the second edition of PyCascades in 2019. I helped create an inclusive, diverse, and engaging conference for 600 attendees. Additionally, I gave the opening remarks.
NYC PyLadies Spotlight

I was featured among other incredible PyLadies as part of NYC PyLadies' International Women's Day campaign in 2019.

Test & Code

I was interviewed on the excellent Test & Code podcast about my involvement in the Python community and my side projects.

Test & Code Episode 59
PyDev of the Week

I was interviewed as the PyDev of the Week in August of 2018.

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Nox is a flexible test automation tool for Python projects. I'm the creator and primary maintainer.

Urllib3 is a sanity-friendly HTTP client for Python. It's the second-most downloaded Python package after the package manager. I have served as the lead maintainer since 2018.

The Python Packaging User Guide is the centralized documentation for all Python packaging-related projects. I have served as the lead maintainer since 2017.

Talisman is a Flask extension that provides HTTP security headers. It's a must have for any public-facing Flask app. I'm the creator and primary maintainer.

cmarkgfm is a set of minimalist Python bindings to GitHub's fork of cmark. It allows Warehouse to render GitHub-Flavored Markdown descriptions on I'm the creator and primary maintainer.

Twine is a utility for uploading packages to the Python Package Index. I've served as one of the maintainers of Twine since 2018.



Genesynth is a MIDI hardware synthesizer module that uses the sound chips found in the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a dark & feminine color theme for text editors and Pygments.