Thea "Stargirl" Flowers

I'm a creative technologist and open source advocate. It's my mission in life to empower creativity through hardware, software, writing, and music.

I'm currently building open source synthesizers as Winterbloom, creating KiCanvas, and serving on the OSHWA board.

I am engineer with deep experience throughout both software and hardware. My work has been focused in developer relations, where I bring expertise in developer tooling, technical writing & communication, community organization & engagement, public speaking, and API design. In addition, I have a broad history of experience with topics such as computer graphics, video game development, web development, reverse engineering, industrial automation, computer vision, and robotics.

When working with others, my focus is always on empowering others to accomplish their goals by removing barriers, navigating ambiguity, building relationships, creating detailed technical designs, and crafting incredible documentation.

My work has been featured in several articles and interviews.

Interested in working with me? Want to know more about my work experience? Please give me a shout :)

Community organization & engagement

OSHWA Board of Directors 2022-2024

I was elected to and currently serve on the board of directors for the Open Source Hardware Association. Beyond my supervisory role, I'm helping OSHWA with community organization and communication.

Python Software Foundation Fellow 2020

I was recognized as a fellow by the Python Software Foundation because of my significant contributions to the Python community.

Blog post
PyCascades 2020

I served as one of the conference organizers for the third edition of PyCascades in 2020. I mentored the new conference chairs, served on the code of conduct committee,the program committee, and handled our communications strategy.
PyCascades 2019

I served as the conference co-chair for the second edition of PyCascades in 2019. I helped create an inclusive, diverse, and engaging conference for 600 attendees. Additionally, I gave the opening remarks.
Pronouns are for Everyone

I created free, high quality, accessible, and open source Pronoun sticker/pin designs. These help meetups and conferences provide an inclusive environment for people of all genders.

Open source


KiCanvas is an open source, browser-based viewer for KiCAD schematics and printed circuit board designs. Blog post Hackaday article article

Nox is a flexible test automation tool for Python projects.
Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a dark & feminine color theme for text editors like VSCode.

Gingerbread is a tool for creating artistic printed circuit boards.

I created and run the ConductHotline service to allow event organizers to better respond to Code of Conduct issues.

I was one of the maintainers of CircuitPython, an education-focused Python for microcontrollers.

Urllib3 is a sanity-friendly HTTP client for Python. It's the second-most downloaded Python package after the package manager. I served as the primary maintainer from 2018-2019.

The Python Packaging User Guide is the centralized documentation for all Python packaging-related projects. I served as the lead maintainer from 2017-2019.

Talisman is a Flask extension that provides HTTP security headers. It's a must have for any public-facing Flask app. I'm the creator and primary maintainer.

cmarkgfm is a set of minimalist Python bindings to GitHub's fork of cmark. It allows Warehouse to render GitHub-Flavored Markdown descriptions on I'm the creator and primary maintainer.

Twine is a utility for uploading packages to the Python Package Index. I served as one of the maintainers of Twine from 2018-2019.


This is a very limited selection of public technical talks I've given

Hackaday Superconference 2019

I gave a talk titled "Building a Sega-inspired synthesizer from the ground up".

Video Write-up on Hackaday
Puget Sound Programming Python

I gave a talk titled "Building a Sega-inspired synthesizer" in September of 2019.

PyCon US 2019

I gave a talk titled "Break the Cycle".

Slides Video


In April of 2020, I started an open-source synthesizer company, Winterbloom.

Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux is a modern re-imagining of the voice found in the classic Roland Juno 106.

Store Hardware design & source code Synth Anatomy post

Sol is the first Eurorack module to use CircuitPython. It is a uniquely customizable USB MIDI to CV/gate converter.

Store Hardware design & source code page MatrixSynth post post Demo on John Park's Workshop
Big Honking Button

Big Honking Button is a simple sampler in a very silly package. It is powered by CircuitPython.

Store Hardware design & source code page MatrixSynth post

Genesynth is a MIDI hardware synthesizer module that uses the sound chips found in the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

Blog Source code and hardware design Hackaday feature feature PJRC post

Interviews & features

A selection of interviews & articles about me and my work

Open Source Stories

I was interviewed by Julia Ferraioli for Open Source Stories. I talked about open hardware, sustainability, and weird Japanese video game soundtracks.

Recording and transcript
Worst Practices in Software Development

I was interviewed by Brett Slatkin for his Worst Practices in Software Development series. I talked about my approach to dealing with software dependencies as an independent engineer.

Hackspace Magazine

I was featured in Hackspace Magazines' Meet the Maker series. I talked about open-source hardware, modular synthesizers, and education.

Issue 40

I was a guest on the podcast by Elecia and Chris White. We chatted about open hardware, synthesizers, and Winterbloom.

Episode 359
Blitz City DIY

I was interviewed by Liz Clark for her YouTube channel. We chatted about synthesizers and how Winterbloom came to be.

Real Python Podcast

I was interviewed on the Real Python Podcast about CircuitPython, synthesizers, and the Python community.

Real Python Podcast Episode 5
NYC PyLadies Spotlight

I was featured among other incredible PyLadies as part of NYC PyLadies' International Women's Day campaign in 2019.

Test & Code

I was interviewed on the excellent Test & Code podcast about my involvement in the Python community and my side projects.

Test & Code Episode 59
PyDev of the Week

I was interviewed as the PyDev of the Week in August of 2018.

Interview text